Blue California

March 7, 2007
Phytosterols Out of the Blue
Blue California announces its new, water-soluble form of micro-encapsulated phytosterols/40% in powder form for water-soluble applications. Phytosterols are (also called plant sterols) are a group of steroid alcohol phytochemicals naturally occurring in plants and structurally similar to cholesterol. They can act in the intestine to lower cholesterol absorption. Some studies also indicate they could help reduce cancer risk. Blue California’s micro-encapsulated phytosterols have many applications for foods and beverages, and are organic and kosher-certified. Phytosterols naturally have very low systemic absorption, but the excellent water-solubility of Blue California’s micro-encapsulated can improve the absorption. Blue California provides standardized botanical extracts and other specialty ingredients from globally sourced raw materials to functional foods industries. In addition, Blue California offers also contract-manufacturing services such as blending, granulation and chilsonation.