Vitiva SI

March 7, 2007
Twice the Protection

Vitiva rolls out two new protective ingredients, INOLENS 4 — a powerful antioxidant formulation based on rosemary extract as a natural solution for the stabilization of carotenoids, tomato-based products and paprika oleoresins — and SyneROX-4, a natural solution, based on rosemary extract for protecting polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) oils from oxidative degradation.

INOLENS 4 is an odorless rosemary extract suitable for a wide range of food applications. It can improve oleoresin stabilization in carotenoids and tomato based products, such as ketchup, pizza etc. Currently, numerous synthetic compounds — such as BHT, BHA, TBHQ and ethoxyquin are used to prevent rancidity and color fading in paprika and carotenoids.

SyneROX-4 is a highly deodorized, allergen-free, vegetarian compound that can fight free radicals and extend PUFA oils’ shelf life up to 30-90 percent while helping to retain the original organoleptic characteristics taste, color and smell of PUFA oils. PUFA oils (omega 3, fish oil, borage, linseed oil) are proven to be highly effective in protecting human health by eliminating free radicals. This unique composition is unstable and therefore they deteriorate much faster than conventional oils. Most of the ingredients available in the market that can protect PUFA oils from rancidity are synthetic while food manufactures prefer to use natural solutions that can answer consumers’ concern for side effects as well as obtain clean labels.