TIC Gums

Dec. 7, 2006
Organic Hydrocolloids Get Certified
With more consumers opting for organic products, food manufacturers are working overtime to deliver them. To help food and beverage companies to be able to label their products as certified organic and simultaneously maintain quality standards, TIC Gums offers a range of organic gums and gum blends, including TICorganic Certified Organic Inulin. TICorganic Certified Organic Inulin is designed for use in nutritional and functional foods. Inulin has become well known in recent years for its function as a source of soluble dietary fiber and related prebiotic benefits. TIC offers several other organic hydrocolloids, such as its TICorganic Gum Arabic Spray Dry, TICorganic Guar Gum and TICorganic Locust Bean Gum.