ADM/Midland Harvest

Oct. 31, 2006
Organic whole-soybean powder

Increasing numbers of consumers look toward soy foods as healthy sources of high-quality protein. But for many, the traditional Asian foods such as tofu and miso don't quite fit within their meal plans.

Consequently, foods to which have been added concentrated soy protein products, such as isolated soy protein, have become quite popular. Although isolated soy protein is a convenient way to get soy protein into your diet, many consumers prefer — and with good nutritional reason — to use less processed, whole soybean products. This is why the organic, whole-soybean powder by Archer Daniels Midland Co.’s Midland Harvest is so appealing from both a nutritional and functional perspective.

 Made from organic soybeans, Midland Harvest Organic Whole Soybean Powder is produced by spray drying whole soybeans, giving it a composition very similar to the natural whole soybean. The process leaves protein, okara, isoflavones, phytosterols, prebiotic sugars and oil in their naturally occurring forms, giving the powder an excellent nutritional profile. It has a sweet flavor like few other soy products available and because of its microfine texture there is a pleasant mouthfeel.

ADM produces Midland Harvest Organic Whole Soybean Powder in a dedicated processing facility to take it from bean to powder in one facility. It goes into formulation well without any special equipment and can be used in a wide variety of functional foods. The powder is stable for one year when stored in unopened packs under the recommended storage conditions and is available in foil-lined 15 or 20 kg net bags.