Marine Harvest Ingredients

Aug. 1, 2006
Fresh-Caught Omega-3s Perform Swimmingly

Xalar Salmon Oil, from Marine Harvest Ingredients, is the umbrella for a line of omega oil-rich products extracted from Atlantic salmon.

Marine Harvest Ingredients currently offers three Xalar varieties: Xalar Virgin Salmon Oil – a natural, crude salmon oil that is the basis for the other two; Xalar Refined Salmon Oil; and Xalar Functional Food Salmon Oil. Xalar Virgin is naturally stable and retains its true salmon color. It has no additives. Xalar Refined and Xalar Functional Food Oils have been stabilized, deodorized, bleached and purified. Xalar Functional Food Oil is odorless and flavor-free.

Processed near Stavanger on the southwestern coast of Norway, Xalar oils are exceedingly fresh, as the plant is located adjacent to the Marine Harvest salmon-harvesting station. With full traceability of the oil guaranteed, Xalar is in accordance with the new EU-Pharmacopoeia rules.