National Starch Food Innovation

June 6, 2006
High-Purity, Dextrin-Based Soluble Fiber Undetectable

National Starch Food Innovation teamed up with French company Roquette Frères to provide the Nutriose-brand soluble fiber product line to food and beverage manufacturers.

Nutriose is a line of high-purity, highly soluble dextrin-based agglomerated powders. They have a high-fiber content of 85 percent dry-substance and are made from corn and wheat. Currently, National Starch provides the Nutriose products for all food and beverage categories except confections, nutrition bars, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and health care products.

Because of Nutriose’s fiber content and glucidic profile, the product provides advantages in sugars and/or fat reduction and calorie management, and allows for fiber enrichment to optimum levels. Nutriose formulations also offer extended energy release.

Nutriose is ideally suited for high-moisture applications, such as beverage and dairy, and fits with National Starch Food Innovation’s focus on nutritional ingredients for digestive health and energy management.

The product can be easily added to processed foods and beverages. Nutritional aims can be met in the most effective possible way without special interventions by food technologists.

At the product’s debut at the Natural Products Expo West trade show and conference in March, National Starch used a lemonade beverage as the vehicle to show what Nutriose can do. It was truly impressive. Even at levels providing 3 g fiber per 8-oz. serving, the lemonade with Nutriose was crisp, clean, clear and with no altered mouthfeel. The idea that a clear, refreshing beverage can actually be a good source of fiber merits attention from wellness beverage processors.

Nutriose can be used to address the concerns of health-conscious consumers wanting to add fiber to their diets without compromising taste. Food and beverage producers usually face two big obstacles with fiber: low digestive tolerance and accounting for solubility, viscosity, stability and taste compromise in formulation. Nutriose, being soluble and preserving taste in finished products, and having outstanding digestive tolerance, provides solutions to these obstacles.