Frutarom Switzerland Ltd.

March 7, 2006
Sow your wild oats for mental health

At the Vitafoods International show in Geneva, Switzerland (May 9-11, 2006), Frutarom will launch EFLA 955 Wild Green Oat Neuravena Special Extract. Prepared from a scientifically selected wild accession of Avena sativa and manufactured from the plant’s aerial parts, the extract targets mental health, a health sector which has been declared as an emerging market in a recently published report from Frost and Sullivan.

EFLA 955 Wild Green Oat Neuravena Special Extract offers highly attractive positioning possibilities in the areas of:

  • cognitive function
  • stress/burnout syndrome
  • chronic fatigue
  • nerve tonic.

This ingredient enables manufacturers of food supplements, phytopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and functional food to offer unique and innovative solutions to support mental health.

EFLA 55 Wild Green Oat Neuravena Special extract has been developed using a bioassay guided development approach. Screening the biological activity and safety profile of dozens of old and wild type-like green oat accessions in CNS test systems for mental health, Frutarom scientifically selected the best performing green oat accession – Neuravena – as the raw material for its new extract. Green Oat preparations have been known and used to support mental health since medieval times. Using rational extract development, Frutarom has substantiated and confined this effect to a selected wild green oat accession that is cultivated using contract growing.

Frutarom’s validated and GMP-compliant manufacturing process, as well as its Swiss quality and reputation, add up to first-rate manufacturing based on state-on-the-art technology. EFLA HyperPure, a highly selective, proprietary process technology, ensures the elimination of undesirable lipophilic residues and contaminants. The EFLA 955 Wild Green Oat Special Extract therefore provides a high degree of purity, good solubility and improved stability.