Degussa BioActives

Feb. 7, 2006
Solvent-free alpha-lipoic acid passes acid test

Degussa Food Ingredients, in cooperation with Wacker Fine Chemicals, introduces solvent-free alpha-lipoic acid (ALA CD), an alpha-lipoic acid microencapsulated with alpha-cyclodextrin. The formulation is provided by Wacker Fine Chemicals via a patent-pending process and under the trademark Alipure.

The ring-shaped sugar molecules used in the process enable significantly increased product stability. It’s dispersible in water and has significantly improved shelf life, improved taste and reduced risk of throat irritation.

Alipure allows the incorporation of alpha-lipoic acid into shelf-stable foods in which shear forces are used during production. Additionally, the particle size can be adjusted by grinding.

Alpha-lipoic acid shows a limited stability in powder blends, especially in combination with alkaline ingredients and should be protected from light and temperatures above 40°C due to potential degradation. Alpha-lipoic acid is historically used for detoxification and recently gains popularity as food for diabetics due to its blood glucose lowering properties. Its involvement in energy production and influence on creatine absorption has increased its use in sports nutrition formulations.