Cargill, Inc.

Dec. 31, 2005
Trehalose ascends to protein stability in sport drinks
Cargill is offering "a better solution" for manufacturers seeking to ensure shelf-stability among protein-infused drinks. That solution, which Cargill claims can improve protein beverages' flavor as well as stability, involves proprietary technology using the company's Ascend-brand trehalose in co-sprayed forms with a variety of proteins."Trehalose is a unique disaccharide," noted Dr. Wade Robey, Cargill applications development manager, Trehalose. "Because it helps protect and stabilize protein during processing and preparation, beverages have improved dispersion, less settling and better foaming characteristics."Consumer interest in protein-based beverages is on the rise. " 'Recovery drinks' infused with protein are becoming the drink of choice for some of the world's fittest people, and some experts predict they may soon become the next generation of sports drinks for average exercisers," noted The New York Times in an Aug. 11, 2005 article. Studies suggest that a proper carbohydrate and protein mix during exercise may boost endurance, hydration and muscle recovery.