Danisco Sweeteners

July 1, 2005
Mind Body Chocolates Sweetened with Litesse
Chocolate lovers have a new reason to indulge. Recent studies show that the antioxidants in cocoa are linked to improved cardiovascular function. The pleasurable, sensory experience of eating fine chocolate is not only soothing to the mind; it is also good for the body.Making the most of this connection, Danisco Sweeteners has developed its luscious new Mind Body Chocolates with the added health benefits of 1/3 less sugar and fiber for improved digestive health. Mind Body Chocolates are made with Litesse polydextrose, a high-fiber, low-glycemic ingredient and new “wellness” combinations of Danisco flavors. Contact Danisco to sample the company's Peppermint Ginger Chocolate and Cinnamon Rosemary Milk Chocolate.