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July 1, 2005
Whole Fruit and Vegetable Extracts Offer Antioxidant Oomph
To help reconcile the need for greater consumption of fruits and vegetables by populations heavily dependent upon formulated food products, GNT offers its solution to the food and beverage industry: Nutrifood whole fruit and vegetable extracts.Quality is of the utmost importance to GNT, thus, so is the origin of its raw materials. GNT does not use fruits and vegetables that are commercially grown. Instead, all raw materials used to manufacture Nutrifood are carefully cultivated under the direct supervision of GNT.GNT’s cultivation is conducted according to precise guidelines to ensure that crops meet exact specifications and strict quality control measures, and that only those fruits and vegetables with a naturally high content of phytochemicals are used for manufacturing. GNT harvests the fruits and vegetables only at the peak of ripeness to ensure that they naturally contain the maximum content of phytochemicals, thus producing a superior product. All of these conditions create additional advantages because they allow GNT to produce consistently high-quality products, control costs and maintain price stability. The proprietary processes used in refining the raw materials are purely physical and were developed by GNT to ensure that the sensitive phytochemicals are preserved and concentrated in the extract as carefully as possible. GNT's processing uses only water and no additional chemical solvents, preservatives or other artificial substances. The technique is extremely gentle because, again, it is specifically designed to preserve the nutritional contents of the fruits and vegetables and to protect the essential synergistic elements of their natural environment. The resulting Nutrifood product is not simply an isolated phytochemical compound, but a specially varied mixture of the precious phytochemicals as they would exist innately in fresh fruits and vegetables.European contact:
GNT Europa GmbHKackertstraße 22 52072 Aachen Germany phone +49 241 8885-0 fax +49 241 8885-222