Corn Products U.S.

June 7, 2005
A-MAIZINGly Gluten-Free Starch, Bakery Mix
Corn Products U.S. introduces Expandex modified tapioca starch and the Maizing bakery mix line for use in gluten-free bakery applications. Expandex modified tapioca starch, the main ingredient in many of the Maizing bakery mix products, helps create a moist and expanded crumb in final products while enhancing the action of leavening agents in gluten-free baking applications. Maizing gluten-free bakery mixes are ready-to-use blends that can be utilized in a wide variety of applications.These products are made from corn- and tapioca-based starches and are “gluten-free” because they do not contain gluten from wheat, oats, rye or barley — a factor of particular importance for people diagnosed with celiac disease and/or wheat allergies. The products may contain corn gluten, which is not associated with celiac disease.Gluten adds structure and texture in baking. Baking without gluten causes weak or poorly developed structures and undesirable texture. Alternative grains associated with gluten-free baking can leave an undesirable aftertaste and mouthfeel. Expandex modified tapioca starch promotes expansion of gluten-free baked items and provides stability in the absence of gluten and gums. It has a clean flavor and helps mask the aftertaste associated with alternative grains. It also can improve texture and consistency of gluten-free bakery products.