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Want to Improve Your Supply Chain Issues? Focus on your Workforce Strategies

March 22, 2023
We talked with Catena’s Jen D’Angelo about how food and beverage manufacturers can avoid supply chain disruption by focusing on attracting and retaining the best talent.

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been talking a lot about workforce issues this season. We started out the year talking about how to both find and mentor young talent and now we’re turning our attention to acquisition and retention.

Today’s episode is packed with useful tips for food and beverage processors. Whether you work in HR, the lab, or even the plant floor, you’ll want to listen in as Jen walks us through some easy-to-implement tips and tools for attracting recruits of all ages to your company. Recruitment is only half the battle; Jen also offers guidance on retention strategies for keeping the employees you already have. And, of course, we talk about how all of this plays in to your supply chain.

Follow along by the time stamps below
Jen D’Angelo introduction, human capital and supply chain 1:36
Challenges CPG companies are up against right now 2:39
Labor issues before and during the pandemic 3:50
How did we get here (with labor problems)? 5:15
Strategies and tactics to course-correct 6:30
How workforce changes help with supply chain issues 7:23
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