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Bar Codes/Labeling

QR Codes Not Enough to Denote GMOs, Court Rules

Sept. 15, 2022
A federal court has ruled that putting a QR code on a label is not an adequate means to inform consumers that the food has been bioengineered.
Fats, Oils, Omegas

California Olive Oil Processors Spar Over Origin Labeling

June 15, 2021
Large and small olive oil producers in California are battling over legislation that would tighten up restrictions on how they can use the state’s name.
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Standardized Wording Changes Coming for Sell-By Dates

Feb. 22, 2017
The grocery industry is moving to alleviate consumer confusion over sell-by dates on food packs to better define what "sell-by" labels mean.
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High-Speed Shrink Sleever Engineered For Continuous Use

PDC’s R-300 shrink sleever quickly reconfigures from shrink labeler to multipacker and easily back again.
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Calorie Counts, Nutrition Listings Coming to Beer Labels

July 13, 2016
The top beer makers plan to begin providing more nutritional information about the beers they sell.
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Voluntary or Mandatory? Senate Faces Off on GMO Labeling

March 4, 2016
Days after Senator Pat Roberts got the 'go' on his voluntary GMO labeling bill, a mandatory GMO labeling bill has been proposed by Senator Jeff Merkley.
Bar Codes/Labeling

Campbell Soup Calls for Mandatory Genetically Modified Labeling

Jan. 11, 2016
In a turnaround, Campbell Soup said it supports enacting federal legislation to create a mandatory labeling standard for foods derived from GMOs.

Label it Clean

Oct. 3, 2014
Calling a product natural is fine, so far, but a clean label speaks to the consumers who pay the most attention, and more processors are making it a priority.

Flavor Modulation with High Expectation

Sept. 12, 2014
Whether its a recovery drink jacked up with protein or frozen pizza with less sodium, today's masking and modulation ingredients can help 'improved' foods taste super.

Market View: Labeling May Be The Most Cost-Effective Way To Communicate With Consumers

June 18, 2014
Labels are often an underutilized method of communicating with consumers. Market expert John Stanton asks: Why not make your labels more powerful.
Business Strategies

Market View: The End of Brands?

May 27, 2014
You can still forge a relationship with the consumer; just consider using a modern medium.