Kellogg to Offer Single-Serve Packs in 2016

Nov. 30, 2015
A single-serve format is central to Kellogg’s 2016 strategy

A single-serve format is central to Kellogg’s 2016 strategy, as the Battle Creek, Mich., company will boost the offerings in the snacking space next year, reports Paul Norman, president of Kellogg North America. The product innovations planned include single-serve To Go Breakfast Mix in standup pouches that don't require milk, single-serve Eggo waffles and Pop Tarts, says Andrew Loucks, president of U.S. frozen foods for Kellogg.

The To Go Breakfast Mix combines large cereal pieces and nuts in two savory options. The resealable pouch is "ergonomically designed to allow fingers to easily access the food and to fit in a car's cup holder," the company says.
Cereal in a cup is a fast-growing segment at retail, the company adds, and it will also opt for grab-and-go cups for some of its cereals, including Frosted Flakes with Energy Clusters, Special K Protein, Froot Loops Bloopers and Special K granola.

"We under index relative to our competitors in terms of the amount of food we sell, in snacks in particular, in single-serve sizes,” said Paul Norman, president of Kellogg North America, during a presentation Nov. 20 at the company’s annual investor’s day. “That’s an opportunity gap we think we can go after big time in the next three, four years."

Snacks are the current focus, but company executives emphasized the move to single-serve will extend across product lines.

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