23 Smartphone Apps for Finding Healthy Food

Oct. 4, 2013
Food Think Tank website offers comprensive list of mobile device and tablet apps for consumers that want access to healthy food.

With the increase in smartphone and tablet use, websites like The Food Think Tank are helping consumers identify those apps which can be used to find healthy, sustainable foods. The group has found 23 apps, listed below, which it details on its website 23 Mobile Apps Changing the Food System.

Locavore (Hevva Corp.)

HarvestMark Traceability (YottaMark, Inc.)

Find Fruit (Neighborhood Fruit, LLC)

Farmstand (Mostly Brothers)

Food Community (Nommunity.com)

Seasons (What Is It Production Ltd.)

NRDC Eat Local (Smart Tools)

Urban Farming Assistant Starter (iHuerting)

Garden Tracker (Portable Database)

Mother Earth News Library (Ogden Publications, Inc.)

Seafood Watch (Monterey Bay Aquarium)

ShopNoGMO (Jeffrey Smith)

True Food (True Food Network)

GoPure (Puur Buy, Inc.)

Clean Plates – Healthy Restaurants (Clean Plates)

Wild Edibles (WinterRoot LLC)

What’s On My Food? (Pesticide Action Network)

 Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide (The Non-GMO Project)

Green Egg Shopper (Wise Banyan Tree Ltd)

Leloca (Leloca LLC)

What’s Fresh? (Mobile Simplicity)

In Season (Light Year Software, LLC)

222 Million Tons (Pydexo)

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