Wild Flavors Extends Yellow and Orange Color Portfolio

June 21, 2017
Pumpkin and carrot extracts containing lycopene are used to create vivid yellow, orange, and green hues to food applications.

Extracts from pumpkin and a special carrot variety containing lycopene are extending the supplier's portfolio of natural food colors. The new products add vivid yellow, orange and green hues to various food applications. The new pumpkin-based product rounds off a bright portfolio of yellow color shades which also include safflower, curcuma and yellow carrot. Combined with spirulina, it is used to create varying shades of green, according to market demands. The other new development includes a carrot extract with lycopene as natural coloring component, for deep yellow-orange shades. Complying with current EU guidelines, both products are ideal for developing strong colors and different shades of yellow, orange and green in food applications.