Certified Organic Annatto Extracts for Coloring Are Now Available

April 21, 2009

D.D. Williamson announces the arrival of Certified Organic Annatto Extracts for coloring. The hue of annatto, a natural food coloring, ranges from yellow to orange. Both water-soluble and oil-soluble versions are available. Food processing customers using either of the new colorings can label “organic annatto extract” on ingredient declarations in the United States.

Applications for water-soluble annatto include natural cheese, ice cream, snacks, breakfast cereal, and baked goods. Oil-soluble annatto can apply in process cheese, margarine, spreads, vegetable oil, salad dressing, snacks, frosting and confectionery coating.

Annatto, a carotenoid, is extracted from the outer coat surrounding the seeds of Bixa orellana trees – grown in South America, Caribbean, Central Africa, India, and Philippines. Quality Assurance International (QAI), an agent for USDA’s National Organic Program, certified D.D. Williamson’s processing facility in Port Washington, Wisconsin.