Caramel colorant measures 35% higher in color intensity

May 21, 2008

D.D. Williamson introduces Caramel Color 570 to the North American marketplace. The colorant measures 35% higher in color intensity than D.D. Williamson’s Class One liquid caramel in North America. Caramel Color 570 is the darkest Class One (“Plain”) liquid caramel color in D.D. Williamson’s portfolio. DDW transferred the technology for Caramel Color 570 to its Louisville plant from its manufacturing operation in Europe, where the colorant is widely used in alcoholic beverages. According to the World Health Organization, there are four classes of caramel color. Class One (“Plain”) caramel colors are generally not suited for applications that require stability in salt or very low pH.  Applications for Caramel Color 570 in North America include flavors, cooked meat/poultry, breakfast cereals, bakery/dessert toppings and other food applications.