Shelf-Stable Avocado Sauces Now Available In Stores

Kumana is a Los Angeles-based company creating original sauces that represent the diverse, delicious flavors from around the world. Inspired by a beloved Venezuelan staple, the company started selling Kumana Avocado Sauce in early 2018 through online shopping channels. Starting in June 2018, the shelf-stable (refrigerate after opening) plant-based, non-GMO, no-added-sugars and gluten-free condiments are available through traditional supermarkets, namely 400 Safeway and Albertsons locations across Northern California and Portland, Ore.

Crafted from a unique blend of high-quality ingredients, such as avocados, fresh onion, bell pepper, cilantro, garlic and a splash of vinegar, the sauces come in three flavors. Kumana’s Be Original is truest to the founder’s family recipe while Be Sweet blends in mango puree for a mild, natural sweetness. Be Hot includes habanero pepper-infused mango puree for a touch of heat.

Kumana is one of five brands that Kraft Heinz is investing in via its inaugural Springboard Incubator Program, a platform launched in March 2018 to nurture, scale and accelerate growth of disruptive brands. The program was created to help develop the next generation of foods and beverages while staying close to entrepreneurs, new ideas and consumer trends.

Kumana Avacado Sauce
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