You’ll Want a Time Out With These Tasty New Single Serve Snacks from Farm Rich

Sometimes, even adults need a time out, according to Farm Rich. So why not take the opportunity to fuel up on protein-rich, finger-food favorites. Now available nationwide at Walmart and Publix, Time Outs -- packed with up to 21g of protein per serving -- are a quick solution for anyone looking for a filling and easy snack to recharge during the day.

The new product line features four varieties of microwavable single-serve snacks with custom dipping sauces, perfect for curbing cravings. Varieties are: Pepperoni Pizza Roll-ups with marinara sauce, Fiesta Chicken Roll-ups with mild poblano ranch sauce, Boneless Chicken Bites with sweet barbecue sauce and Mozzarella Bites with marinara sauce. The 6-7-oz. Time Outs are priced around $3.49-4.49 and are located in the frozen foods section.

“With the average person eating five snack meals a week, variety and protein are important,” says Shannon Gilreath, director of marketing. “Our new Time Outs were created for busy consumers looking for quick-to-prepare food options that satiate hunger. Time Outs can easily be stocked in the freezer to help when cravings come on and to boost energy at any time of day.”

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