2007 Readers' Choice Awards: Winner’s Circle

Feb. 7, 2007
Wellness Foods announces the winners of its fourth annual Readers’ Choice Awards for the best suppliers of nutritional ingredients.

This year we fine-tuned some of our categories to reflect changes in ingredient trends. We separated some ingredients into different categories and combined others.

Changes were made with several approaches in mind: First, we base categories on the ingredients featured in our editorial line-up. Secondly, we consider the ongoing trends in nutraceutical ingredients. Finally, we try to present ingredients in groups similar to those offered by suppliers. No ingredient or category is meant in any way as an endorsement or exclusion of a single manufacturer.

Most categories brought out dozens of ingredient companies. For this reason, winning percentages can seem small. To place required at least 5 percent of votes. For this reason, several categories had no second- or third-place winners. In the event of a statistical tie (within 2 percent), all the tying companies are listed but only the company with the highest percentage is accompanied by a photo. For categories with a numerical tie, both companies are pictured. Also, a first-place tie meant no second place; the next company placing would receive a third-place win.

The survey was open to those Wellness Foods readers who indicated they purchase these ingredients. We applied no definition to the description of what makes a particular vendor the "best." Best was what is best for you and your operation. Efficacy, service, availability and cost could then be weighed according to your needs.

The choices you made can be viewed in a downloadable PDF at the top of the page.

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