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Expansion requires planning, which is why food and beverage processors of all shapes and sizes hire Architecture, Engineering, and Construction and design firms. Often in tandem with Capital Spending, AEC firms can help boost your production capacity by boosting your footprint. 


Capital Spending

2024 Capital Spending Outlook: Unfinished Business

April 30, 2024
After making big capital spending plans for 2023 — and underspending those budgets — food & beverage processors are proceeding at a more normalized pace (+3%).
Capital Spending

2020 Capital Spending Outlook: Getting to Yes on Capital Projects

April 2, 2020
Until recently, a robust economy was leading to now-or-never decisions about new plants and other major capital expenditures.
Capital Spending

Modern Plant Design Leaves Room to Grow

Sept. 5, 2019
When it comes to designing your food or beverage plant, what do you need to worry about? Learn what our experts in plant design recommend.
AEC Firms

2019 Capital Spending Outlook: Building Bigger

April 2, 2019
Our annual capital spending survey foresees a healthy 16.6 percent increase as food and beverage companies pump up the size of their building projects.