New Food Products

New Food and Beverage Rollout: May 2012

New food and beverage products on the store shelves this month.

By Food Processing Staff

Nimble Mothers Day A Nimble Approach to Celebrating Mother's Day 
Limited-edition Balance Bar nimble gift set combines beauty and nutrition, a mini pouch and special poem for mom to indulge in on her special day.
 Stoneyfield Greek Yogurt Stonyfield Launches YoKids Greek yogurt
Packed with 6g of protein, YoKids Greek is an excellent source of calcium and made with low-fat organic milk.
 HappyTot HappyFamily Introduces 15 Organic Products For Children
HappyFamily launches organic HappyTotPlus, HappyTimes, and HappyTot Toddler Meal Bowl in BPA-free packaging.

 ElMonterey-Mini-Tacos Ruiz Food Products Introduces Monterey Mini Tacos
Entire line of El Monterey Mexican Snacks is available in recloseable bags that are freezer friendly and convenient.
 BelBrand Cream Cheese Bel Brands Presents Five New Varieties of Laughing Cow Cream Cheese
The Laughing Cow's Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spreads are packaged in convenient individually portioned wedges.
 Skinny Snacks Cornfields Rolls Out Skinny Sticks as a Healthy Snack Alternative
Skinny Sticks pack up to 17g of whole grains per serving.
 Bhakti-Chai Bhakti Chai Introduces Single Serve Soymilk
Bhakti Chai launches real, gingery-fresh, non-GMO verified soymilk in on-the-go single serve 16-oz glass bottles.
 Hormel Chicken Sausage Hormel Introduces Natural Choice Chicken Sausages
Hormel Foods' Natural Choice chicken sausages are 100 percent natural with no preservatives.
 Truvia Baking sweetner Truvia Baking Blend Offers Home Bakers a Sweetener with Lower Calories
Truvia natural sweetener, the No.2 sugar substitute in the U.S., expands its on-shelf presence with a Trivia and sugar blend.
 Sweets Slims Simplot Simplot Sweets Offers Three New Cuts to Its Potato Fries
New Simplot Sweets Sweet Potato Fries Add Sweet Excitement to Foodservice Menus.
 Aztec Chili Kettle Cuisine Offers Vegan Soup Options
With a continuous eye towards evolving consumer preferences, Kettle Cuisine's Aztec Chili with Ancient Grains and Yellow Pea Soup with Roasted Red Peppers debut.
 Kraft Milkbite Kraft Launches Refrigerated Milk and Granola Bar
Kraft Foods' Kraft Milkbite Milk and Granola Bars combines real milk with whole-grain granola and other nutritious ingredients.
 Sara Lee Turtle Pie Sara Lee Offers Two New Crème Pies
Turtle Crème Pie and Banana Crème Pie debut to tempt your tastebuds.
 Doritos Jacked Frito-Lay Rolls Out Doritos Jacked
Doritos Jacked are 40 percent bigger in size and thickness than regular Doritos. The snack chip was introduced at the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas in March 2012.
 Welches Welch's Introduces Jelly-Filled Licorice
Frankford Candy partnered with Welch's to create Welch's Filled Licorice, a juicy-flavored licorice with a jelly filling made with real fruit juice and fruit pectin.
 Jelly Belly Pet Roach Jelly Belly Debuts Latest Pet Gummi
Jelly Belly Candy Co. introduced its Gummi Pet Cockroach in time for the 2012 Sweets and Snacks Expo. The Cockroach  joins the Jelly Belly Pet Gummi line, which also includes Pet Rat, Pet Gator, Pet Dinosaur and Pet Tarantula.
 Starbucks Meal Starbucks Revolutionizes the $3.4 Billion Cold Crafted Juice Category
Starbucks Refreshes Juice Brand and Opens First Evolution Fresh Store.