General Mills Focuses on Traditional Flavors with 2018 Fiber Product Lineup

Feb. 2, 2018
Whole grain snacking takes center stage under Nature Valley, Fiber One and Larabar brands.

General Mills Inc. is focusing on traditional flavors with its 2018 new product lineup. Leading the pack is an array of products under the Nature Valley, Fiber One and Larabar brands.

The Nature Valley brand features new layered bars using simple ingredients to provide creamy and crunchy textures. Low-sugar and filled with peanuts or almonds—in whole and butter formats—the bars contain no colors from artificial sources, artificial flavors or sweeteners. There also are filled, soft-textured whole grain wheat and oat squares in cocoa peanut butter and honey peanut butter flavors. New granola varieties are honey almond butter and peanut butter.

Under the Fiber One umbrella are new cookie bites, which are portioned, pop-able, crunchy cookies in chocolate and lemon varieties. Each 130-calorie pack contains about 10 bites, 5g fiber and less than 10g sugar. Snackable brownies are in a single-serve pouch containing six bites in either chocolate caramel or chocolate fudge flavors. Mini bars are individually wrapped miniature versions of the brand’s classic Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bar.

The Larabar brand is adding three flavors to its classic fruit and nut food bar: banana chocolate chip, carrot cake and cinnamon roll.