Flexicon Flexi-Disc Sanitary Tubular Cable Conveyor

The new Flexi-Disc sanitary tubular cable conveyor for fragile bulk foods and non-foods, allows rapid wash down of the system between production runs. The discs evacuate the conveyor tubing of material at the conclusion of a conveying cycle, virtually eliminating wasted product. Any material clinging to the cable and disc assembly can be continually removed during operation by the stiff bristles of a brush box or by a residual return chute equipped with a disc ramp that dislodges material and returns it to the product stream. Wet or dry cleaning accessories can be attached to allow sanitizing of the system, minimizing downtime between changeovers, while optional clean-in-place systems provide automated sanitizing of the system.

Flexicon Tubular Cable Conveyor
Product Type:
Conveying equipment