Pinch-Valve Dosing System Improves Bag-Filling Accuracy

DAX-PVS is a bag filling and weighing system, completely gravimetric and compact, combining simple, semi-automatic handling with high throughput and easy cleaning (no residue). An inherent innovation is the PVS (Pinch Valve System) dosing system, consisting of a pneumatically actuated rubber hose-dosing system. One major advantage is the easy cleaning of the inner surface of the hose, which is in contact with the product. The hose of the pinch valve system was developed with a very smooth inner surface, in order to achieve high dosing accuracy and discharge of the residue. Once the filling of the bags is completed, they are sealed, placed on a conveyor belt und subsequently quality controlled by a tunnel metal detector. Finally the bags are transported to palletizing.

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Ing. Johann Daxner GmbH