Fluke's Infrared Cameras Detect Problems Quickly

Quickly detect problems with high measurement accuracy with the Ti480 and TiX580 infrared cameras with 640 x 480 resolution and MultiSharp Focus. The Ti480 features a pistol-grip form factor for one-handed operation to perform multiple inspections quickly and accurately. The TiX580 features a 240-degree rotating screen that allows thermographers to easily navigate over, under and around objects to preview and capture images with ease. The 5.7-in. screen provides 150 percent more viewing area than a standard 3.5-inch screen, enabling thermographers to quickly identify issues in the field and easily edit images directly on the camera, reducing production time back at the office. Both cameras include MultiSharp Focus, an advanced focus system that takes multiple images with a press of a button.

FLUKE Infrared cameras
Product Type:
Inspection equipment
Fluke Corporation