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Top 100 Food and Beverage Companies for 2019

After three straight years of top-line declines, some of the biggest food and beverage companies have returned to growth – at least in sales.

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For the past couple of these Top 100© reports, we’ve chronicled annual sales declines for some of the biggest food and beverage companies in the U.S. and Canada. We hedged last year, putting a question mark at the end of the headline A Return to Topline Growth?This year we remove the question mark. While it’s still tough to be Big Food in the Age of the Entrepreneur, some of the top 25 companies that suffered two or three consecutive years of sales declines got back on the growth track in 2018 – in many cases by buying the entrepreneurs and other competitors.See the table. Seven top-tier companies – Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, General Mills, Kellogg, Conagra,…

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